How to create Subscriptions in Foloosi Merchant Panel

Foloosi is a UAE onlinemarket place facilitating consumer-to-business card payments by enabling businesses to display QR code, share Payment Links and API integrations for their customers to pay conveniently. F


Add Recurring Payments to your business. Automate your recurring payments with Foloosi Subscriptions

Offer your customers subscription plans with automated recurring transactions through a platform that’s built for automation. Create unique links from the dashboard for your Subscription plans and share with customers via SMS, email etc. and turn them into Subscribers immediately

Step 1: Create a plan 

Step 2: Create a subscription 

Step 3: Share the Subscription Link via SMS, Email etc.

Step 4: Accept recurring payments

Multiple Billing Models

Fixed Payment Schedule:

Automate your fixed price recurring charges to a customer as per a fixed schedule

Quantity Based Model:

Charge your customers based on the number of users or quantity per billing cycle

Usage Based Model:

Charge your customers for only what they consume over a billing cycle

Step 1- Create a Plan: 

Plan name: Enter your subscription plan name 

Plan description: Explain about your services and offers

Billing frequency: There are options like daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. You can choose based on your services and plans 

Billing amount: Enter your amount of the plan. 

Step 2: Create a subscription 

Select Plan: You should select corresponding plan for this customer from you plan’s list. You can set quantity also. 

Start Date: If you tick this icon means, Subscription date will start from the day customer makes first payment. Let’s say you are sending this subscription links today but customer make payments on 20th this means every month 20th card will have charged up to 12 months according your total count. 

Total Count: No. of billing circles to be charged. 

Customer name: Enter you customer name 

Customer Details: Enter your customer mail id and phone number. 

Notify: You can choose to notify via SMS and Email 

Start Date: We have one more option for start date. You can choose any fixed date for subscription. Let’s say you are setting up 15th is your payment date. Today is 5th of this month. 

You can send this subscription link to your customer. They can add his card information to the planform now via paying 1 AED today. Customer card will be charge on 15th of month and every month 15th up to 12 billing circle 200 AED the actual amount of the plan. If you customer open the subscription link on 15th and after, Customer can pay 200 AED directly.

Subscription Report: 

Customer view: Immediate, subscriptions starts with the first payment

UAE Recurring Payments - Foloosi Subscription