Foloosi – Create a payment link and Get paid Instantly

What is a Payment Link?

Payment link is sending a payment request and get paid instantly. Merchants can create a payment link and set the purpose of payment on this link which can be shared across facebook, Email and SMS. Finally, notification is received once the payment is done by the customers.

Customers will sign up on the Foloosi account and access the payment link. Payment is made using credit card/ debit card, net banking etc. For the Foloosi customers, they can also pay just by scanning the QR code using their mobile app as every payment of Foloosi has unique link and unique QR code.

Foloosi’s Payment Link

Merchant, individual s etc can accept payments from customers just by sending a link. They can share payment link via SMS, Email, messenger etc and can get paid instantly.

  • Instant account activation- No documents required
  • Get paid instantly- Get money in your bank account instantly
  • Accept every payment- Get paid using credit card/debit card, net banking, UPI

How to accept payments using “Payment Link”?

  • Create a payment link via API or dashboard- To create a payment link details like customer’s name, amount, phone number, Email are required
  • Share the payment link via Email or SMS
  • Now customer pays through online payment- They can pay using credit/ debit card, net banking, online wallet, UPI etc
  • Notification is received once the payment was completed

Payment Links for your business

Business without website

It is not necessary to worry about that you need not have any website/ app for selling. Make your customers pay online just by sending payment links.

Alternative payment option

You can substitute payment link for cash on delivery and point of sale payment methods in your business

Social Media Sharing

You can give your customers a quick check out option by sharing payment link over social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp etc

We also provide the following features in our “Payment Link” Platform


You can customize the payment request page from your dashboard to extend your brand

API driven

Our powerful APIs helps to automate the generation and collection of payments for all aspects of payment links

Dashboard Reports

Use the real time data and reports available on the dashboard to take business decisions


You can send your customers Invoices with item level details to accept online payments through debit/ credit card, net banking, UPI etc


You can offer your customers subscription plans with automated recurring transactions on various payment modes

Thus make use of “Payment Link” provided by Foloosi and get paid instantly in a safe and secure manner

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